T'Cup (ii)


T'Cup (ii)

96.00 120.00

Inspired by natural forms of beautifully balanced shape and delicacy T'Cup (ii) is part of a series of works created with Glass by kiln formed processes. 

Tactile, strong and delicate form that stands beautifully alone. On a reflective surface the piece is reflected showing the full curve of the form. This piece will be supplied with a platform made of glass on which to seat the sculpture.

Translucent clear glass that allows light to pass through and radiate from it. 


Diameter: 10 - 12cm (at widest point)

Height: 6cm (at highest point)

Weight: 81g

120.00 GBP 


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All sizes are approximate.

Included in with each piece of Glass sculpture by Naomi Jacques is a Certificate of Authenticity - Signed and dated. Along with care instructions for your glass art.

Commissions Considered.

A personal delivery service is available and will be calculated on asking.