Touch of the sea

Sea inspired.jpg
Sea inspired.jpg

Touch of the sea


Created using various grain sizes of glass in clear and Naomi's own personal blend of colour pieces - inspired by the British coast line. This is then fused into one piece and formed over a hand made mould inspired by natural forms.


Diameter: 35cm/ 14" (at widest point)

Height: 7cm / 3" (at tallest point)

No two pieces of glass art sculptures made in this way will ever be the same. Each sculpture is unique and individual.

995.00 GBP

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All sizes are approximate.

Included in with each piece of Glass sculpture by Naomi Jacques is a Certificate of Authenticity - Signed and dated. Along with care instructions for your glass art.

Commissions Considered.

A personal delivery service is available and will be calculated on asking.