In the same year that she graduated from the University of Wolverhampton, glass artist Naomi Jacques was commended by the Contemporary Glass Society in The Glass Prize 2016 for her work ‘Mother’.

Naomi now works from her studio in Staffordshire after attaining a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts.

The contemporary glass artist is committed to bringing a new dynamic to glass artwork and capturing and reflecting the emotions that drive so much of her work.

 Detail of Naomi Jacques' Cranberry Pink sculptural vessel. Like Diamonds, crystal and ice.


It was the exploration of emotional battles that provided the inspiration for Naomi’s ‘Mother’ glass sculpture, pictured below.

In representing emotional turmoil and eventual peace, Naomi wanted to channel her creativity as a glass artist to create a work that represents turning weakness into strength. Mother demonstrates that good can shine through and strength can be regained.

The full-sized Mother torso glass sculpture was created using pieces of broken glass that were re-formed and moulded to show that what was once broken can become strong, elegant and whole again.

T' Cup series.

These delicate T' Cup sculptures were created by Naomi to challenge the usability of a 'cup' through her glass artwork in reference to a subject that has always been heavily debated – in both form and function.

At its heart the idea for these glass sculptures challenges the notion of functionality and the mother’s breast. The glass sculptures also acknowledge the beautiful and delicate form of breasts.

Measured in 'cup' sizes, breasts have a function, predominantly to feed a baby. While some mothers choose to breastfeed, others don't; some women can and some cannot. Naomi believes this is a mother’s choice and no-one should be forced to do something they do not feel comfortable doing, a subject she was pleased to be able to channel through her work as a glass artist.


Challenging everyday functionality, Naomi completed a collection of glass artwork that focused on the form of familiar, useable items.

Using her distinctive technique she created glass sculptures that explored and represented the fragility and delicacy in these functional forms and materials.

Visually stunning, the sculptures making up this series of glass artwork have been described as resembling diamonds, crystal and ice by viewers.

Click here to view the collection of works. 

One of a kind glass sculptures

Specialising in advanced kiln-formed glass techniques, the unique way of working developed by this glass artist sees her create individual delicate glass sculptures.

By refracting and reflecting light through her work, Naomi gives her glass sculptures the appearance of diamonds and crystal.

The largest piece of frit fusion glass artwork created to date by Naomi was a full-sized mother torso – demonstrating that large scale glass sculptures are something that can be obtained by a skilled glass artist.

All of Naomi’s works are one-of-a-kind pieces. If you would like to know more please contact us.

She is presently working on commissions for jewellery, panels and vessels and enjoys developing ideas with new clients. 

Individual commissions are considered and Naomi enjoys a challenge so please do get in touch.

Strong values

Naomi’s values underpin her work as a glass artist, through which she strives to create bespoke glass artwork that will bring visual delight and continued enjoyment to clients - whether that is from a detailed brief or from her own collection of works.

Naomi is committed to supporting her local community and has a passion for promoting wellbeing. She runs local art workshops for all ages and abilities where she passes on her skills learned as a glass artist and teaching kiln-formed crafts.

Naomi says: “We are all human and we will all have experienced mental health issues either ourselves or in someone we know and love. Whether it is directly or indirectly these issues are real and need our understanding.”

Naomi works to support local and national mental health awareness and care charities in any way she can.

Naomi Jacques

Artist and Founder