Glass Workshop at Age UK Day Centre - Stafford

It was lovely to hear from Gemma (Age UK Stafford) who contacted me to ask if I could run a glass class with her regular day visitors at Bradbury House. Gemma is always looking out for fresh, new, creative activities to share with her Age UK day centre clients, who have complex needs and some are living with dementia.

Workshop in progress

What did they make?


Using sheet glass, glass frits (pieces) and stringers (like spaghetti) they made flat glass inclusions that can be used as coasters or framed to make glass pictures by the clients and/or their families. Some clients decided to make theirs as a gift for family members, others have chosen to keep theirs for themselves so they could tell their visitors about what they have made.


Making and creating

What options did they have?

The same as everyone else who comes on my workshops, colour variations, different application methods to choose from and over all design was in their control. The group discussed ideas amongst themselves while they looked through the examples I had available. We chatted about the flowers and how to achieve that design using the stringers and the frits. 

I have samples to explain how the glass changes in the firing, along with colour examples and finished works that can be held and explored. These often give clients ideas on what they can make. 

The works I had made previously of poppy fields were the firm favourite design. So we set to the making. Gemma and her staff were on hand to help clients and I was able to help also. 

It was lovely to help each person tackle their glass design and figure out how they were going to lay out their ideas. What was especially nice was hearing stories of their past, some had experience of teaching, some of art and crafts and others shared fond memories.

A real pleasure to spend a few hours, helping each person with their glass work and being able to provide a new creative experience for everyone to immerse themselves in. 

Here are the pictures of the work made in the class before firing in the kiln. 

poppy fields before firing
Before fusing Lucy's
poppy field no 2 before firing
Before fusing
Ru's before firing
before fusing
Before firing
flowers before firing
Sunflower before fusing
bunch of flowers before firing
Jean's before firing with sparkle

Here are the finished pieces. I am sure you will agree these are fabulous. 

Poppy field after firing
Lucy's after firing
Poppy fields (2) after firing
after firing in the kiln
Ru's after firing
after firing
flowers after firing
flowers after firing
Sunflower after firing
Amelia's after firing
Bunch of flowers after firing
Joan's work after firing

A bit about the Day Care offered at Age UK

"At Age UK Stafford & District we specialise in day care for people with complex needs including dementia.  We provide a number of stimulating activities overseen by a high ratio of fully trained staff to ensure person centred care."

What a wonderful bunch of people to have met. I feel pleased to have been able to introduce them all to fused glass. They all now have a piece of glass art that they have created. Completely unique and individual.

Age UK Day Visitors and me!

If you have a community group who would love to learn fused glass, please do get in touch and we can discuss your needs and requirements. Each session will be tailor planned for your groups abilities. I can come to you or you can come to me at my studio at Unit Twelve. Creativity brings positive feelings, joy, and pleasure. I feel privileged to be able to facilitate this services.