British contemporary artist Naomi Jacques works predominantly with glass via kiln-forming processes called fusing. She works from her own studio in Staffordshire, the Midlands and creates bespoke glass art sculptures. Her inspiration for the forms she creates are first hand imagery from life drawing and nature. She often challenging the usability of the form by the material and processes used to create them. These are made in groups or small series' of works with a conceptual reason at the root of the making. 

Her work has been described by viewers as diamond, crystal and ice. 

Each piece is handmade, making them all individual and unique. 

Inspired initially by her experiences through life, Naomi's work, and process, has developed and grown from broken and shattered to finding an inner strength and life can be beautiful and radiant. 

Jacques enjoys the science behind the making and enjoys challenging and adapting processes and the methods of making.

She has had the pleasure of working with Swarovski® Cut Crystal. She was sampled as a designer to explore the cut crystal in her practice. To learn more about Naomi's exploration with Swarovski® please click here

Conversational pieces.


Each piece is completely unique.